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About Us

About Us

Element was founded in 2019. ElementWebArt is the first Subdivision of the Element Group which is dedicatedly working on Website Development and the Other Technical Work.

In 2020, The second subdivision of the Element Group “Element HealthSuite” is dedicatedly working on the Healthcare Sector. The exclusive work in the Element HealthSuite is to provide Excellent Job-based training and also provide special training to clear the Certification Exam in the Medical Coding- CPC®(Certified Professional Coder) with clear concepts and satisfactory results.

Element HealthSuite is providing training not only to clear the CPC Certification Examination but also help to learn and understand the Medical Coding live work so the aspirants compete in the real corporate world with full of confidence.

In the Element we are working on our Mantra that is “Knowledge is the Key of the Success but the Excellent Knowledge is the Key of the Successful Career.”









Why Element HealthSuite?

Medical Coding nowadays is an excellent career for Science as well as Non-Science background students. To make an excellent career in this booming field the two major necessities are full knowledge of the industry as well as the major key concepts which are required to work in this field.

Crack The CPC Exam

Concept-based training to clear the CPC examination with a good result.

Go Live

Training to understand US healthcare, RCM, and Software-based Live Scenarios.


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Medical Coding

Medical coding ranks third on the U.S. News and World Report’s list of Best Jobs Without A College Degree (In the US) and in India with any Bachelor's Degree. Besides a competitive salary that towers over the investment to become a coding specialist, the profession ranks high for employment and career advancement opportunities, as well as work-life balance and the potential to work from home.



Certified Professional Coder- CPC®

Element HealthSuite exclusively provides training for the CPC® (Certified Professional Coder) examination. The CPC is known as the Gold Certificate in Medical Coding. In Element HealthSuite we are providing complete training for every chapter of the CPT book as well as we cover all the sections of the CPC examination.



Revenue Cycle Management

Element HealthSuite provides sound knowledge for Revenue Cycle Management. We do not only provide the Medical Coding and CPC exam training but also give the knowledge for Revenue Cycle Management.


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